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About Path Destination Management

At Path Destination Management we are dedicated to the creation of authentic, sustainable and cherished travel experiences through our commitment to our customers and partners around the world.

With over a decade of experience in travel operations, product design and business management, Path is one of the leading providers of travel experiences and adventures in Southeast Asia.  We work hard to ensure that all our programmes are tailored to the requirements of our partners, correspond with the needs of your customers and are of tangible benefit to the communities with which we collaborate.  Path seeks to tread lightly and our guiding principles of responsibility and sustainability ensure that we take a long-term view of our endeavours.

Our partners trust us to develop products which are totally aligned with their philosophies.  They value our professionalism, our unique programmes and our attention to detail. Our staff are able to provide our partners with the personal touch that can only come from a company that was designed from first principles to be customer-centric.

Dan Moore, founder of Path, leads a full-time team of professionals based in Bangkok, Thailand.  Path’s head office gives our partners access to round-the-clock support, seven days a week. Dan’s commitment to direct partner communication runs through the entire operation and ensures that our partners can get the answers they need, when they need them.  Our partners recognise the value that our local staff on the ground can add to their business.

“We create travel experiences for people who want to experience Southeast Asia, responsibly.”








“We create travel experiences for people who want to experience Southeast Asia, responsibly.”

Why Work With Path Destination Management

Trusted Partners in Destination Management

  • All PATH experiences are delivered by full-time PATH staff.
  • All PATH suppliers are independent local entrepreneurs.
  • PATH guide assignment is art not science. One size does not fit all.
Real Value in Destination Management

  • Your commercial interests are our commercial interests.
  • A great adventure can start with a ten Baht breakfast.
True Destinations in Southeast Asia

  • Visit places that display the cultures with which travellers first fell in love with.
  • Our business is outside with your customers, not in an office.
Transparent Communication with Tour Operators

  • Our head office is dedicated to partner communication.
  • Your sales team will love us.

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