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At Path Destination Management we are dedicated to the creation of authentic, sustainable and cherished travel experiences through our commitment to our customers and partners around the world.

Our Leadership Team

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founder & CEO

Dan Moore

Dan has always had a passion for travel since leaving school and spending the summer backpacking around Europe.  Decades later Dan’s passion for travel has remained constant, creating Path’s hands-on approach obsessing with every step of the customer experience. Dan’s top-down emphasis on experience ensures Path’s ability to continually deliver exceptional products and services.

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Mark Duckmanton​

Mark joined Path in 2021 after 20+ years of experience operating at exec level in international retail and wholesale markets. With laser focus on the partner channel providing our DMC services, his role is to assist the existing management team deliver our ambitions to develop our products and services with sales growth at the forefront of the agenda.


Director of Marketing

Noel Tanner

Noel’s travel adventures started 24 years ago, originally leaving Australia as an aspiring athlete competing internationally. From that time his curiosity and desire to experience new destinations and cultures has driven him to work and live on 3 continents and traveled (often cycling) across 35 countries. His passion to help other travellers seek out life-changing experiences is an asset to Path’s expansion strategy. 


General manager asia

Dave Mills

Dave began his travel journey experiencing over 20 countries with the British Army as an adventure training and Outward Bound Instructor helping many students achieve their lifelong goals and qualifications before moving on to Southeast Asia to enjoy the challenge of travelling extensively within the region. Dave is now using the great knowledge accrued to ensure that Path’s partners deliver exceptional value and incredible experiences to travelers wanting the same experiences across all of our destinations. 


Partner and destination manager

Diana Tortora Patane

Diana has always dreamed of travelling the world. Leaving Argentina at the age of 18, her first adventure as a solo traveller was a Work & Travel program in the UK.  Since then, she has lived in 13 different cities across 4 continents, travelled around 50 countries, and had many diverse jobs in travel and hospitality. 16 years later, Diana joins Path in 2022 to focus on developing and delivering unique ethical travel experiences. 

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Global Sales and Operations Director

Phil Chanel

An 18 month around the world travel adventure was the catalyst to Phil entering the travel  industry in 2006. In a career already spanning 17 years, Phil has held leadership roles at renowned global travel providers, the perfect intersection for his passions for travel, leading teams and achieving company goals to flourish. When not spearheading Paths business development initiatives you can find Phil walking in the ancient forests of Buckinghamshire with his family.

Our staff live, breathe, eat and sleep the destinations we travel to.

Our staff are trained with one mission in mind: to act as your eyes and ears and ensure you’re aware of your customers’ experience at all times. They won’t bounce you around different departments before you get an answer, they’ll give you the information you need and the best solution from the start.

Your Success is Our Mission

We work with partners to design the optimum agenda for their unique requirements, which could range from luxurious, top-of-the-range venues to three star accommodation, and anything in between.

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