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At Path we pride ourselves on our approach to corporate social responsibility.  Our dedication to treading lightly runs right through the entire organisation, it’s in our DNA.  We consider it our duty to operate at all times in a manner which benefits not only our partners, customers and staff, but also enriches the local communities we interact with.  


Path’s family tree is firmly rooted in a tradition of ethical volunteering to support communities and worthwhile projects.  Since Path became a fully-fledged DMC we have been able to work even harder to promote sustainable ventures that have a positive impact on the ground.  We always consult closely with local stakeholders to ensure that our work is of appreciable benefit to all parties without creating dependency.


The list of projects that Path has been involved with is as diverse as it is long.  We have worked with numerous schools to renovate classrooms, kitchens and play areas.  Furthermore, Path tours have helped in the construction of new facilities such as toilets, sinks, vegetable gardens and gravity fed water systems.


Perhaps our biggest project to date was the construction of a new childcare centre at a temple in Surin, Thailand, which took many months of hard work to complete.  Our travellers contributed their time and effort, with part of their fees paying for materials.


Another large-scale project was delivered in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand, where we were able to help a remote village gain access to running water.  The source was a small waterfall on a mountain over one kilometre away, where we created a micro-dam reservoir which was then connected to the village via uPVC pipe.   The project took 12 groups over 12 weeks to complete, from building the micro-dam, to digging the trench for the pipe, to laying and joining the hundreds of sections of pipe and connecting it to the water storage tank that had been constructed by the village.


“We create travel experiences for people who want to experience Southeast Asia, responsibly.”

Dan Moore

Managing Director, Path Destination Management

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