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Carbon Neutral Now

by Path DMC

Contributing to an immediate, direct and quantifiable zero impact on the planet’s climate situation, one trip at a time.

Path DMC is introducing an innovative new program, Carbon Neutral Now. You can call it CNN.

Path’s Carbon Neutral Now program enables responsible partner organisations and their travellers to have an immediate, direct and quantifiable zero (or even positive!) impact on the planet’s climate situation one trip at a time. 

Carbon Neutral Now uses a technology-driven carbon emissions calculator that offers a new way for travel companies to measure a trip’s carbon footprint and be precise in the required carbon offset.

What began as a desire to be part of the solution, not the problem in carbon emissions, led Path to seek out innovations to ensure true Carbon Neutrality no longer needs to be an estimation or convenient percentage of trip cost.

I am proud and excited to introduce Carbon Neutral Now, an initiative to have an immediate and measurable positive impact on the global climate situation. I have worked diligently with thought leaders and organisations in developing this precise and valuable carbon emission measurement tech and, most importantly, the offsetting programs.

dan moore

path dmc, founder & ceo

How It Works

Book and Plan Travel with Path DMC

Path DMC leads the way in presented carbon neutral travel experiences across Asia.

Calculate & Offset Carbon Emissions

When an itinerary is confirmed, a carbon emissions footprint is calculated and travel credits are purchased.

Support Global Sustainability Projects

Your clients travels immediately and directly support a reduction in carbon emissions and healthy planet projects.

Build a Healthier & Happier Planet

The reduction of carbon emissions is essential to the success of our planet. This is for the today and tomorrow of all humans.

Partner Benefits

We understand the complexity of carbon emission calculations, our mission is to provide Path partners with qualified data enabling them to offer accuracy and full transparency to their travellers in experiencing carbon-neutral travel. This qualified data can be utilised for partners in empowering travellers to make guilt-free, socially responsible travel choices now.


Once the framework design is agreed we will build the product with meticulous detail in every aspect to ensure its salability and success.

a conscious commitment to the tourism industry

Your products are delivered fully packaged, planned and priced with all content and copy ready for you to promote in your required medium.

& Partnerships

Path partnered with Path Net Zero to deliver this exciting scheme to the travel industry. Path Net Zero is an innovative, dynamic organisation that brings expertise and exceptional due diligence on emissions calculations and offsets solutions—fully accredited by the global projects and certification leader in Gold Standard.

Path Net Zero has developed technology-driven, data-certified carbon emissions calculator to enable travel companies, airlines and tour operators to accurately calculate their carbon footprint and be precise in the required carbon offset.

With a balanced portfolio, offering a variety of projects including waste management, biogas, water filters, and cookstoves and renewable energy.

Gold Standard for the Global Goals sets the standard for climate and development interventions to quantify, certify and maximise their impact, creating value for people around the world. 

All Gold Standard-certified projects and programmes accelerate progress toward the Net-Zero ambition of the Paris Climate Agreement while catalysing impact toward the broader sustainable development goals.


Helping the world takes action.
Let's do it together.

Our partners and travellers can now be precise in how they can travel to our amazing destinations guilt-free—carbon consciously. We understand how important this is to our partners and their travellers.

The Path team is on a mission to lead the way NOW!