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A New Era for Path DMC

Welcome to a new era for Path…

This past year has been challenging for everyone, particularly those of us in the travel industry. However, here at Path we are determined to focus on the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives. So, with vast amounts of forced downtime we took a breath, took the time to re-evaluate our business, and considered our future and opportunities.

At Path, we have always known what we want as a business and where we want to be; this past year has given us the opportunity and the time to really focus on making our vision a reality. With that, we are incredibly happy to introduce our brand-new website which has been updated for a whole new era of travel post-lockdown. Our new website showcases not only our expertise and our passion for travel but also our brand-new destinations.

In post-pandemic travel, after months of lockdown and travel bans, we anticipate a shift within the industry. With the pent-up demand of almost two years without travel we expect a surge of interest to get back out exploring the world and experiencing the freeing feeling of new cultures, new climates and new surroundings. However, we know that there is likely to be a higher interest than ever before in the lesser-known paths, away from the typical tourist crowds and attractions.

Cambodia - Starfish Group Asia DMC
Laos - Starfish Group Asia DMC Tour Provider

Historically, emerging or lesser-known destinations have typically been for the more adventurous or seasoned travellers wanting to move away from the popular destinations to experience something new. It is our belief that this is set to change; more and more travellers will be seeking remote, wonderful and inspiring locations. This will allow our travellers to experience the travel that they crave while feeling as safe as possible. This new era in travel will create a new era for Path.

Path has been an advocator for more adventurous destinations since our inception, this has always been one of our strongest USPs. We are dedicated to creating a perfect balance of both popular and emerging destinations combined with the amazing insightful experiential activities that support the communities in which we interact.

For a long time now, we have offered destination management services in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. We work closely within these communities to offer tailor-made services for multiple different types of trips with the common goal of creating unforgettable experiences to leave travellers breathless and with memories to last forever. 

sri lanka sigiriya temple
japan temple kyoto

We are now ready to introduce our brand-new destinations: Japan, Sri Lanka, India and the Philippines. This is an exciting move for Path as a business and we are so happy to be expanding our team alongside our portfolio of destinations. Path is dedicated to continuing to deliver the same brilliant services, great value prices and highlight lesser-known locations within those destinations that we always have but now on a larger scale. Our new team includes a network of local experts with all the knowledge and expertise necessary to deliver the perfect products for our partners. 

We are always happy to talk with fellow travel businesses so if you would like to find out more, have any questions, or are ready to reinvigorate your product range, we can’t wait to hear from you 

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