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AI has never been on a holiday!

We have recently had one of the most challenging periods that the travel industry has ever seen.

The post-pandemic travel landscape is very different from what it was, and we have all had to make adjustments to our businesses as a result.

We are looking for efficiencies, teams are smaller and leaner, and we are finding new ways to work.

AI is definitely feeding into this, and helping streamline tasks that would have previously been out of reach for smaller businesses:

  • Greater personalisation – AI has vast capabilities to analyse customer preferences, interests and travel patterns. Never before have we had so much detailed knowledge at our fingertips.
  • AI powered Chatbots and Virtual assistants can help 24/7 with customer enquiries from booking queries to travel recommendations.
  • Dynamic Pricing Optimization: AI algorithms can analyze market trends, competitor pricing, and customer demand patterns in real-time.
  • AI can streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks, such supplier coordination, and logistics planning.
  • Smart Predictive Analytics: AI can help identify patterns and trends, providing you with insights into future travel demand. This can help you make data-driven decisions, and adapt your offerings accordingly.


BUT… and it’s a big BUT!

This comes with a health warning….

AI has never ACTUALLY been on a holiday!

It simply can’t replace firsthand, human knowledge of these travel experiences.

If AI is planning an itinerary, whilst on paper it might work, there’s no practical thought such as – length of transits, the comfort of traveller, or the experience they will have as a result of the trip.

Because how could AI know?

The human experience of travel, is and always will be only something us humans can understand and interpret.

So, we can relax in the knowledge that we are not about to be replaced, but in the meantime we’ll certainly be making good use of AI.

The image above was generated using AI!

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